Leading the Pianist – How?

How can a singer know how to lead when singing with a pianist for the first time in an audition? What tools can a singer use to lead the pianist? –  written April 2017

Breathing with the Pianist as a Singer

The last writing talks about how a pianist breaths with a singer, this one is exactly the opposite. – written December 2016

Breathing with the Singer as a Pianist

As a pianist playing for a singer, how does one “breath” with the singer? What should we listen to when playing with a singer? – written November 2016

Text and Music

What is so special about music that has text as its foundation? Why do we love German Lieder or Italian operas? How do text and the accompaniment relate? – written September 2016

Defining Sound in Music Making

How does a performer transfer notation to sound effectively? What does a specific dynamic marking on a score mean? How does texture of music affects how one plays? – written May 2016