Amore e Morte: Romantic Italian Art Songs Recital

Date: 29th March 2017
Venue: Dorridge Methodist Church

Bernard directed and performed as pianist in this recital of Italian art songs of the Romantic era. This concert is supported by four great singers: Victoria Adams (soprano), Tina Fung (soprano), Jack Dolan (tenor), Andrew Randall (baritone).

“Italian art song is one of the gems of Western classical music, which is relatively rarely performed in this country. Through my recent extensive involvement in the Italian melophonetics and bel canto music, this recital becomes a platform to showcase the beauty of the Italian language combined with the stylistic elegance of bel canto tradition. With this, nothing can be more appropriate than Italian art songs in the performance of voice and piano. 

Italian language is the only major European language that preserves the length of the consonants from Latin. This makes it a very beautiful language to sing on as the language requires phonetic connections through the vowels and consonants. In a singer’s term, it would be supporting through the consonants whether they are long or short. With this intensity and the beautiful sequences of long and short consonants, Italian language become a very exciting language in music to sing on and to listen to.”

Bernard Tan

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